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Free Pregnancy Tests & Ultrasounds


We provide free laboratory quality urine pregnancy tests. You’ll get the results during your appointment and meet with a member of our staff to discuss all of your questions. Our tests are most accurate after you have missed a period. You can call 24/7 for a confidential appointment: 804-564-5852.


After a positive pregnancy test and a medical evaluation by one of our licensed medical professionals, it will be determined if it is medically advisable for you to receive an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy.

Counseling and Educational Support
It can be overwhelming to be faced with a planned or unplanned pregnancy. EEPC offers free confidential and caring, peer to peer counseling for women and men. We’re here to provide accurate information, and to discuss all of your questions and choices: parenting, adoption and abortion**
We realize that your circumstances are unique--- whether you are going through this alone or have the support of others.
We look forward to meeting you! 
Pregnancy & Parenting Support,
Emergency Services & Referrals to Local Resources

EEPC offers free individualized parenting and mentoring classes to provide vital pregnancy health information and infant care education. As a participant in this program, you will be rewarded with essential baby items of your choice from our baby boutique. 

We understand that unexpected crises arise---we are here to assist you with infant essentials to get you through unexpected difficult times.

Additionally, we have connections to many valuable community resources throughout the Richmond area.

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