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Thinking of Making an Adoption Plan?

Adoption is an important step to consider. You can be involved in selecting a family for your child or it can be handled by an agency.
Talk to a member of our staff today about adoption. We can connect you with licensed agencies who can discuss the different types and how the process works. 

Check out some of your options for adoption plans below:


Not only can you choose your child's family, but you can also communicate directly with them about your child through letters, pictures, and possibly even phone calls or visits. Your child will grow up knowing who you are.


You can choose the type of family your child grows up in. You may also choose to learn how your child is doing through pictures or letters that the adoption agency or lawyer shares with you. You usually will not know your child's full name or location. 


If you decide that you do not want contact with your child later, the adoption agency or lawyer will choose your baby's new family. You and the family won't know any details about each other's identity, but the agency may share medical information that will help the family care for your child. 

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