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Are you late or have you missed your period?
Are you having any of these symptoms?

  • Missed a period

  • Feeling sick to your stomach

  • Having to use the bathroom more

  • Breasts feel tender

  • More tired than usual

  • Mood swings

Experiencing these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant, but you should take a test.

Most pregnancy tests you buy at the store are very reliable, but they are not 100% accurate. Only a licensed medical professional can perform an ultrasound to 100% confirm that you are pregnant. 

At East End Pregnancy Center ALL of our services are at no cost to you and require no insurance.

Woman looking at a positive pregnancy test.

Here's how it works:

No-Cost Pregnancy Test

You will receive laboratory-quality urine pregnancy testing from one of our licensed medical professionals. If the test is positive, the medical professional will determine when it is advisable to schedule an ultrasound.

No-Cost Ultrasound

Once you receive the results of your pregnancy test, a licensed medical professional will conduct a medical consultation to determine whether or not it is medically advisable for you to receive an ultrasound. An ultrasound is required to confirm your pregnancy and determine how far along you are.

No-Cost Consultation

 It can be overwhelming to face an unplanned pregnancy. EEPC offers confidential consultations to provide accurate information regarding your choices. We realize your circumstances are unique and this is an opportunity to discuss your questions and challenges - free of judgment. 

*EEPC’s services are at no cost to you. Call today to schedule your appointment.* 

diverse women holding hands and comforting each other
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