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Woman looking at a positive pregnancy test.

Pregnancy Tests

At East End Pregnancy Center you will receive no-cost, confidential laboratory-quality urine pregnancy testing from one of our licensed medical professionals. If the test is positive, the medical professional will determine when it is advisable to schedule an ultrasound.

Most pregnancy tests you buy at the store are very reliable, but they are not 100% accurate. Only a licensed medical professional can perform an ultrasound to 100% confirm that you are pregnant. 

Reasons to get a pregnancy test...

I need proof of pregnancy

I want to know for sure so that I can make a plan

I want to know if my home test was accurate

I missed my last period

Black woman in white sweater curled up in bed

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Missed period 

Swollen, tender breasts 



Fatigue or tiredness

Increased need to urinate

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