You are late or you have missed your period... having any of these symptoms?



  • I’ve missed a period

  • I feel like throwing up sometimes

  • I have to use the bathroom more often

  • My breasts feel tender

  • I’m more tired than usual

  • I’m having mood swings

Experiencing these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you are pregnancy, but you should take a test.

 Most pregnancy tests you can buy are very reliable, but they are not 100% accurate.  Only a physician or other appropriate healthcare professional can confirm that you are pregnant through an ultrasound.

At East End Pregnancy Center we provide free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and consultations. 

Here is how it works...

Am I Pregnant?


You will receive a laboratory grade 

β-hcg pregnancy test which is administered by one of our nurses. 


An ultrasound* is the best way to confirm a viable pregnancy and determine how far along you are. (*if medically advisable)

Our licensed medical professionals provide an in person

(or tele-health) consultation in areas such as reproductive health, failed contraception, abortion and more.